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Be a part of change in your community.
Image by Omar Lopez
Alture Community Development Corporation provides literacy tutoring and extracurricular programs for children from ages 9-18 years old. We believe that early childhood is a time when developmental changes are happening, which can lead to a profound and lasting consequence for a child’s future. This age group are undergoing strong emotional/social changes, thinking, and learning. This program is imperative to engage them in activities, so they stay out of trouble and offer them a second chance so they can thrive in their adult life.
We believe that positive youth engagement and development has a direct impact on the quality and structure of the human society. We implement evidence-based programs that focus on health, safety, education, and sports to positively impact youth and evoke change.  This provides under privileged young people with real opportunities to grow and flourish. Young children and at-risk youth will benefit from our tutoring and extracurricular program.
Here are just a few of the things we accomplish
  • We provide tutoring to help with homework and improve their performance in their school 

  • Involve them in extracurricular activities such sports and gardening/landscaping, giving them a safe heaven, and decreasing high-risk behavior in teens

  • We will provide vehicles with drivers to transport the children from schools, homes, and our centers