Our Story

We connect people in Pontiac, MI in the fight to end poverty and promote independence. Working together, we educate young children, train and create employment for at-risk teens and veterans and assist small businesses. We build healthy environments they need to thrive & empower them to create a lasting change in their own lives and communities.

Our Values


Our Mission

To strengthen and build healthy communities by providing services that contribute to improve lives. 

Image by NeONBRAND
Image by Jessica Radanavong

Our Focus

Youth Development Program 

Training, Hiring, and Small Business Assistance Program

We see potential in everyone and believe that all individuals has extraordinary skills that are just waiting to be utilized. We believe in human connections and we are all about building trust, collaboration, communication and teamwork. We see that when we join forces with those around us, we go further than we ever could alone. 

We are always learning. We celebrate knowledge, creativity and innovation backed by data and research. Our leaders and teams listen, adapt and take calculated risks, as needed.

We thrive to make an impact and are committed to delivering sustainable results and being the change in someone's life.