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Board Members

Together we can change the face of a community

Alture Board members have a long history of passion and commitment to address issues of economic development, managing community projects and producing positive results.  

Catherine (Cathie) Abad, Executive Director

Cathie is a proud Michigander and a true believer that you are never too old to stop learning.  She holds a master’s degree in Business Administration and a bachelor’s degree in Business.  During her career, she has provided administrative, technical, and financial technical assistance for start-up, minority owned, women owned, veteran owned and small businesses.  Cathie has had the opportunity to assist with the development and implementation of the Oakland County One Stop Shop Business Center for walk-in counseling for local start-up businesses.  She also co-created and taught leadership courses for “C” level executives through the Oakland County Business Center and facilitated a “PeerSpectives” small business leader roundtable to assist small businesses in furthering their footprint and creating new jobs.

Cathie is responsible for Program Management, Community Development, Empowerment and Employment, collaborating and liaising with businesses for new job creation, actively teaming with project partners to serve the Pontiac community, advocating for Pontiac neighborhood community revitalization, and overseeing the mentorship and training for underserved individuals.  She is passionate about building healthy communities and promoting independence.  She believes that every individual deserves a second chance and wants to improve the lives of low-income communities. 



Colonel Robert (Bob) Pastorelli, US Army (Ret), Director of Operations

Robert is a service-disabled veteran with a distinguished 28-year military career in the United States Army.  He served in an array of assignments from the tactical unit level to the strategic level.  Of note assignments included: Executive Officer to the Executive Deputy to the Commanding General, U.S. Army Materiel Command, Redstone Arsenal, Alabama.  Commander, U.S. Army Garrison – Redstone Arsenal, Installation Management Command.  Chief of Staff, United States Army Security Assistance Command, RSA, AL.  Branch Chief, Joint Logistics Operations Center, Readiness Division, Logistics Directorate (J-4), The Joint Staff; Pentagon, Washington DC, and Executive Officer, Director of Force Management as well as the Ordnance Organizational Integrator, Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff, G3/5, Headquarters, Department of the Army, Washington, DC.

Bob assists with administrative, counseling, technical, and financial program activities, developing operating policies, preparing budgets, and regularly analyzing financial statements.  Bob teaches Breaking Barriers classes focusing on challenging negative thinking and destructive habits, analyzing how attitudes affect behavior, accepting accountability, building self-esteem, and expanding one's horizons for Pontiac’s underserved residents and substance abuse rehabilitation. Provides children with youth counseling and mentoring.

Candace (Candi) Plank, Chief Financial Officer

Candi has a B.S. in Professional Accountancy from The Pennsylvania State University with strong technical expertise in financial management.  She has over 20 years of senior financial management experience providing years of consulting services to small businesses and brings a wealth of knowledge in the areas of Finance, Human Resources, and Contract Management.  Candi has many years of experience analyzing revenue and expense, providing financial projections and counsel on strategy, operations, and finance necessary to maintain effective and sustainable operations.  She has knowledge of GAAP which are accounting rules, standards and procedures issued by the FASB.

While she is very experienced and dedicated to helping small businesses, her true calling is working with children and disadvantaged youth.  She has been involved in the Foster Care system and Special Olympics.  In 2006, Candi adopted two children from the Foster Care system, one of whom is Intellectually Disabled (ID).  She was diligent in working with her ID child to ensure she was able to lead an independent life and achieve her dreams.  She has years of experience working with schools, counselors and children on early intervention services and Individualized Education Plans (IEP).

Candi is responsible for Financial & Program Management, Performance & Financial Monitoring, Reporting, and Subrecipient Monitoring & Management.

Conrad S. Valle, Board Member

Conrad was a Small Business Administration (SBA) Deputy Director with over 25 years of comprehensive experience overseeing daily operations of the 8 (a) division of the SBA, HUD, and several non-profit organizations.  Conrad is a hardworking, experienced, and versatile small business advocate well-versed in helping small minority owned business with their business strategies, preparing and implementing business & financial plans, administrative and technical assistance.  

On behalf of the SBA Conrad was responsible for providing oversight of the small businesses enrolled in the 8(a) program.  Conrad conducted quarterly progress reviews for loans expended to the 8(a) small business as well as visited in person to ensure oversight of the business performance and its adherence to the goals and objectives stated in their business plans.  He provided strategic guidance and education to small businesses thorough his vast knowledge of market changes and trends paired with his strong grasp of corporate finance and performance measures.


Brian Carr PMP, Board Member

Brian is an architect and a subject matter expert for design and construction services.  Brian ensures that the project team has the tools required to complete the project and meet all project deliverables.  His key responsibilities include guiding Alture on construction cost, schedule, scope, and budget.


Brian will manage all aspects of the CDC’s construction projects including research, analyze, audit, create project descriptions, drawings, and parameters, including detailed construction documentation and RFIs. Review scope, scheduling, costing, logistics, manpower, commissioning, and close-out.


Roberta Williams, Board Member

Roberta is a resident of the City of Pontiac. She has a deep commitment to the Pontiac community, social justice and creating a holistic environment for their underserved community.  She has a strong desire to nurture the community, collaborate and coordinate between outside third-party agencies and Alture.  She has a goal to strengthen the relationships between partner organizations and the community to fulfill the overall mission and vision to help our underserved population.

Roberta has a strong background in Art, Nature, Social Justice, and Afro-Centered Studies with a strong sense of understanding that each individual deserves an equitable opportunity to a good healthy lifestyle.

Business, nonprofit and innovation leaders and thinkers —
all with a heart for helping people .



Phone: (248) 225-1597

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