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We are Proud to have Helped Families in Pontiac with Financial Aid

Pictured above: Johnathon Wertheimer, Shannon Johnson, Shannon's son, Don Fields, Belinda Tounsel, Robert Pastorelli.


We were thrilled to be given the chance to offer financial aid to deserving families within our nearby community of Pontiac. The beneficiaries of the grant expressed their deepest appreciation for the assistance we extended, and we take immense pride in having the ability to create such a beneficial impact in their lives.

Our heartfelt gratitude goes out to Trinity Health and Johnathon Wertheimer from the team of Michigan State Representative Brenda Carter. With their continued support, we are able to sustain our efforts in improving the lives of individuals who require assistance.

Pictured above from Left to right: Johnathon Wertheimer, Shannon Johnson, Shannon's son, Robert Pastorelli.

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